About Us

    Hola everyone, I am the Zoohla professor.  I've been teaching high school and middle school for 25 years.  In my career as a teacher, I've taught ELL, Spanish, Math and Computer Science.  Besides teaching, for years I've designed and supervised the school website and email system.   I've been involved as the advisor of the MECHA Club, the Intramural Soccer Club, CIS Club and the NTHS Clubs in collaboration with the Skill USA Club.

    In the Zoohla Computer Science Classes, students perform a variety of tasks.  We explore the world of computer science, learn digital tools for the 21th Century, build webpages, create games, E-portfolios, computer programs and program and build robots.  We also do short videos that describe how to do the above mentioned tasks, for the benefit of the on-line community.

    I have also worked with members of the community to bring materials that can help our students build their skills in Computer Science.  A nice organization that I have work with is Free Geek.  Free Geek is always happy to help school in anyway they can by donating monitors, computers, keyboards, mice and other computer materials.  Microsoft's Azure and Autodesk provides a variety of software for the computer lab, students and teacher.  I'm looking forward to meet and work together with our local businesses to help in supporting our students develop and expand their computer skills.

    Zoohla is the online aspect of the classroom, with students accessing supplemental instruction as well as providing materials to post to the site.  Every effort is made to ensure that the information posted is accurate and up-to-date.

    Thank you for taking the time to read about us and we hope that in the future you can become one of our community supporters.


    The Zoohla Professor